Every year hundreds of thousands of Australians learn about first aid from the first aid training industry. The teachers of this essential education are first aid trainers. If you are a trainer SURVIVAL can help you develop and maintain your courses.

Survival can provide you and your students with the award-winning First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn. With the Handbook and its accompanying Workbook which contains questions and scenarios, your students can look at the relevant sections to exemplify the first-aid instruction you are presenting. You can use the PowerPoint Presentation on CD to provide the visual tools to support your training. Trainers can also demonstrate correct use of first aid components using our range of first aid KITs.

The First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn, is available in bulk (discounts apply).

As well as the Handbook, Survival publishes the CPR Emergency Handbook, 4th edn, and Basic Emergency Life Support, 3rd edn.

Health Training Package HLT07

The Health Training Package (HLT07) was endorsed during 2007. This national package recognises several levels of first aid training, from a stand-alone 'CPR' course and a 'Provide Basic Emergency Life Support' course through to advanced courses. Survival's publications below meet the three basic levels of HLT07.

All Survival's publications are designed to allow you to train with confidence. Our experts keep our products up to date by ensuring compliance with:

If you want to do a first aid course, you may wish to talk to a trainer in your area. Please contact us for the name of an experienced trainer near to you.

Note: At the time of publication all Survival publications conform to the latest Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines. As well, the texts are matched to the relevant competency requirements of the HLT07 Health Package. Ongoing changes to the ARC Guidelines and adjustments to the Australian Community Services and Health training packages may mean that some editions of the first aid titles are affected between despatch to the printer and before stock is received in Australia. However, it is the responsibility of each Registered Training Organisation to ensure that their trainers are familiar with any policy amendments which may occur from time to time.


If you are a distributor or retailer, Survival Emergency Solutions currently produces numerous First Aid KITs.

All KITs are well designed, organised and durable. The KITs are perfect for your staff, suppliers, retail or corporate clients.

For our First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn, and our range of First Aid KITs, Survival can customise our range of Handbooks and first aid KITs using any of yours or your client's logos.

If you are a larger retailer, Survival can provide marketing support.

Some of Survival's key marketing targets include but are not limited to:

We are looking for new distributors worldwide. To find out more, please contact us and ask for a meeting.