Survival 4 Kidz

Jerry Tyrrell, co-founder of Survival Emergency Solutions, is the creator of Survival 4 Kidz.

The aim of Survival 4 Kidz is to promote:

    • Kidz Rights. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) sets out a number of universal, fundamental children's rights and responsibilities. These are aimed a ensuring that all children, whereever they may live and whatever their circumstances, can be protected, cared for and given the best possible chance to grow into healthy and responsible adults. Jerry has taken these children's rights and reformulated and redesigned them, so that they are clear and accessible. He has had them translated into several languages. He intends to promote Kidz Rights at every available opportunity, particularly in schools and sporting centres.

  • Free Sport 4 Kidz. Jerry, a keen basketball player himself, has helped many children discover sport. Sport helps children exercise, learn skills, make friends, fight obesity, learn teamwork and improve concentration and coordination. Good technique in sport builds confidence and self-esteem. When children can shoot baskets properly it keeps their interest and they try to improve. Jerry has designed the Survival Basketball. This basketball shows the correct hand positions and provides a clear visual message, coaching your child without words.