SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid KIT

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SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid KIT

5.0 out of 5 based on 42 reviews.

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$119.95 AUD

The Explorer First Aid KIT is our Vehicle KIT with the addition of 2 x 30ml Saline, Multi Tool, Instant Ice Pack, 2 extra SMART Bandages, Tick Removal Spoon and Sewing Kit. This makes it the perfect KIT for outdoors and remote areas.

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The added components complete the Explorer First Aid KIT and make it so useful for anyone who has kids or works outdoors. You can also attach a torch to the lanyard if you like. Imagine being 200kms from help and being able to quickly find the right bandage for a snake bite or see clearly to apply burn gel to a serious burn.

This is the best kit in Australia for anyone who is active and is constantly in the outdoors. It is ideal for work vehicles, office cars, 4WD, tradies or for hiking and adventures. 

What’s different between the Explorer KIT and the Vehicle KIT

In the Explorer kit, you get the same first aid kit that is called the Vehicle KIT and you get the Bites and Stings module.

Product Key Features

  • The Explorer KIT makes your work vehicle or car compliant with the new WHS regulations and for remote areas work
  • The first aid bag is the most innovative and best on the market
  • The KIT is water resistant, but don't go submerging it for long periods of time, and is durable with strong zips and has double stitched handles
  • We have added QR codes to make it easy for you to scan and link with the restock portal
  • This has ARTG approval 186631
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee
  • We are an Australia owned company and designed in Australia

Product Dimensions

Explorer First Aid Kit Dimensions Open
Explorer First Aid Kit Dimensions Closed

Bites & Stings Module KIT

  • 2 x 30ml Saline
  • 1 x Ice Pack, Instant. One use only.
  • 1 x Multi Tool (Torch / Whistle / Compass / Magnifying Glass)
  • 1 x Sewing Kit
  • 2 x SMART Bandages (heavy duty pressure bandage)
  • 1 x Tick Removal Spoon

The Rest of the KIT

  • 50 x Adhesive dressings, sterile, individually wrapped
  • 1 x Bandage shears, 19cm stainless steel
  • 6 x Cotton gauze swabs, (3 per pack), sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 1 x CPR Card
  • 1 x Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6cm in zip lock bag
  • 2 x Eye pads, sterile
  • 1 x Fever scan strip
  • 1 x First Aid Booklet
  • 5 x Hydro gel, sterile 3.5ml sachets
  • 1 x Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm wide roll
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves large (1 pair with CPR mask)
  • 3 x Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 5cm x 5cm
  • 1 x Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 7.5cm x 10cm
  • 1 x Pencil
  • 3 x Plastic bags (3 sizes)
  • 2 x Pressure bandage - 1 SMART Bandage, heavy duty, 10cm x 2m; 1 medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m
  • 1 x Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair gloves & skin cleaning wipe (in CPR KIT)
  • 6 x Safety pins
  • 4 x Saline, sterile 15ml
  • 4 x Skin cleaning wipes, with cetrimide (1 in CPR KIT)
  • 1 x Splinter probes, (5 per pack), sterile
  • 1 x Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm
  • 1 x Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel
  • 1 x Wound closures (3 per pack), sterile
  • 1 x Wound dressings, No 14 medium, sterile

Rating: 5
Title reviews say it all
I had a look at all the positive reviews before purchasing the Explorer First Aid Kit, and it was the positivity that encouraged my purchase, and even when I received this Kit I was happy and understood the excitement of the other people. I am very pleased with this product and the layout of the kit and the easy of which everything is accessible. I just wish that the ice pack had a hard/ sturdy case and the extra items could fit in the bag also, as I have had to purchase another bag for the extra items. But all in all, I am very pleased and all I have to do is learn 1st aid so I can properly use this marvellous kit.
Curt, Petrie, Brisbane - 25-Jul-2018

Rating: 5
Title Awesome kit!
Excellent first aid kit. It's well designed and carefully put together. Everything can be found easily thanks to the labelling and I feel well prepared having this kit in my car wherever I go!
Florian Roeber, Melbourne - 24-Jul-2018

Rating: 5
Title Explorer First Aid Kit
Great product fast & speedy delivery.
Excellent customer service with enquries.
Alan, Wollongong - 10-Jul-2018

Rating: 5
Title Durable
Awesome compact first aid kit thats designed using quality products and will last rolling around in the back of the car.
Ben, Coonamble - 09-Jul-2018

Rating: 5
Title Awesome!
I love the layout of this kit. No more pulling everything out to find what I need. Very practical.
Cheryl Johnston , Western Australia - 24-Jun-2018

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid KIT
Perfect All in one kit for Hiking, Travellers and Exploring our beautiful Country. Great product. Thanks
David, Wollongong - 01-Jun-2018

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid KIT
Excellent - all the things you may need in a compact labelled case. Like the way everything has a place - so it is easy to find what you need.
Mary, Cairns - 30-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Value for money
Great value for money, hopefully will never need to use it
Trent, Kalgoorlie - 27-Apr-2018

Rating: 5
Title Excellent car /boat kit
Bought two for family who camp and fish very happy with the range of supplies, handbook and compact size for when space is an issue
Melanie LaBrooy, Port Lincoln - 04-Mar-2018

Rating: 5
Title Easy to use kit for camp instructors!
These kits are so well laid out that you can get anyone to retrieve items from it for you while you work on your patient. The individual pockets clearly state what is in there and secures each item in place so there's no rummaging around in your bag for anything. The creators of these kits have done an awesome job!
Caitlin Lee, Camp Fairbairn Outdoor Education Centre - 26-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Everything you need in a compact bag
Do a lot of 4x4 and needed a great outback first aid kit. Also rang up first very helpful with the questions I asked and told would be sent on Friday and would receive it sometime next week, went to my Po box in the afternoon on that Friday and was already there. That's what I call service. 12 out of 10
Dave White, Canberra - 17-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Everything you need in one compact little bag
Perfect for our trip around Australia small yet has everything I need
Morgan, Menai - 10-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title A must for mobile and remote workers
This is my second first aid kit from the team and it is perfect for those on the go, working remotely or those working overseas. Everything I need and more in a well laid out and clear design. Well done. Thank you.
Tony, Melbourne, Australia - 10-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title Perfect for on the road and remote work
This is my second kit from the team and it is another outstanding product. Ideally suited for those on the go and working remotely. Everything I need in one simple, highly efficient package. It is now my go to kit for travelling and working remotely, including overseas. Well done. High recommended.
Tony , Melbourne - 08-Jan-2018

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid KIT
i love going out and about with my 4x4 and would never go any where with out this kid better be safe then sorry. everything you need for a big adventure. thanks survivalfirstaidkits

5 star
andreas , cooma - 07-Jan-2018

Rating: 4
Title Nice, compact kit
Nicely put together kit. It has what is needed for basic,1st aid/trauma issues when out adventuring and is compact enough to want to bring it. One of the things which failed on a different brand kit I had was the zipper. These zippers are durable with large teeth. It should last a long time. Generally, for most kits, I would add a bit more room for expansion. Inevitably, I want to put something more into my kit depending on where I am going and what I am doing. This extra room would satisfy that need without needing to add a separate bag/container for my trip. The labeled pockets are helpful as well. Good idea. Definitely recommend this product.
Wiljo, Vermont, USA - 24-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Comprehensive travelling kit - easy to order - good delivery service.
Richard, Perth, WA - 08-Dec-2017

Rating: 5
Title Good Product
Overall great product. Needs a larger bag however.
Hancock Douglas, Camden - 29-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Always ready
Affordable, easy to excess, great layout anyone can use it without any hassel.
All in one and one to help out on those in need due to emergency situation.
Thank you S.E.S.
Roszman Russian, Singapore - 20-Nov-2017

Rating: 4
Title Outstanding
Affordable, easy to excess, great layout anyone can use it without any hassel.
All in one and one to help out on those in need due to emergency situation.
Thank you S.E.S.
Roszman Russian, Singapore - 20-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great product
A great survival first aid kit - lots of equipment safely stored in a handy storage bag with the contents easily identified with labels. An essential safety item for survival in the Australian outdoors! Great value for money, too!
Martin Warneke, Point Lonsdale - 12-Nov-2017

Rating: 5
Title Very happy with purchase
After recently completing a first aid course I decided to buy his Explorer first aid kit as it had everything you need you need in an emergency wether at work, home or on the road. Very happy with my purchase, it’s easy to find what I’m after, easy to restock and store as well. Recommend to anybody to buy one
Nadine, Bega - 30-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great all round kit
I am a Volunteer Ambulance Officer in Tasmania and I found this kit has every think I need and its all labeled, this makes it easy to find items when you are under pressure. Great value to.
Wayne Debnam, Tasmania - 29-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title So easy
Initially I had tried to put together my own first aid kit but why bother when someone has already done the hard work for you and packed it neatly and easy to find, in a great great carry all.
Rosie, Pinjarra WA - 26-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Awesome All-In-One Kit!!!
Ordered this Kit for my emergency Go Bag and I am absolutely THRILLED with it! Can't praise this little kit enough! It's a perfect size to pack in my rucksack (Soft shell too!)- has EVERYTHING you could possible need in a first aid emergency. Don't have to shop elsewhere to add things to it as it already has a very comprehensive contents list. Aannnddd if that wasn't enough- everything is colour coded and labeled for easy identification and access. Can imagine how handy it would be if your in a trauma situation, stressed, can't think etc- this makes it so much easier so you don't have to fumble around looking for the shears or the compression bandage... you open it and boom...its there clearly labeled! Although I hope I'm never in an emergency situation where I have to use it... I'm kinda looking forward to using it! Haha. There is a 'personal' pouch/pocket inside to stow your personal items. One thing I wanted was a first aid kit with a loooong expiry date so I can just leave it in my bag without having to renew it every year or two. And these have a 3-5 yr shelf life and some things never need to be replaced! So I'm super happy with that. Peace of mind :) I was umming and arring about spending this much on a kit that just stays in my bag but I can now say it's totally worth it! It's an excellent price for what you get and the long expiry dates and peace of mind sold me!
And the people working for this company couldn't have been nicer. Really pleasant to do business with. Even got a little bonus freebie with my kit! Will definitely come back if ever need to reorder and will definitely be referring my friends to buy from here.
Perfect organisation and management of first aid kits. Well done to the team at Survival First Aid Kits and thank you :)
Esther, Perth, WA - 21-Oct-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great kits
Great kits I purchase the work place kit, the snake bit kit and the explorer/vehicle kit, being a camper, 4wd and hunter theses kits are an absolute must. the layout is so ezy to use especially in a emergency when you don't want to be Searching around. Also they makes you full oh&s compilation for anyone working from home or car.
Brian Casten, Melbourne - 20-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Size and value
The kit practicality is sensational, with clear labels and perfect size for explorers. A must-have for those out and about for a small value.
Daniela, Sydney - 09-Sep-2017

Rating: 5
Title Sufficient and Convenient
There is no rust aid kit like this one. Packed with more then you will need. Layout is great for findings what your want, the extra pockets are great for personal belongings and quietly is amazing.
Jimmy, Hobart - 24-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Superb Quality
Great product - everything has its spot making it easier to find during an emergency or just a splinter. Extra bandages thrown in too!
Theresa, NSW - 20-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
Title Well organised
A very well organised first aid kit that will be very useful if and when I need it. Quick and efficient delivery also.
Brad Williams, SA - 03-Aug-2017

Rating: 5
These kits are the perfect addition to any car or Camping trip. They have everything you could possibly want in a first aid kit, and the labels/ guides, make it very easy to use. The people at Survival Emergency Solutions have done a first rate job with assembling their kits. Very well thought out indeed, and Highly recommended.
Luke S, Oberon - 28-Jul-2017

Rating: 5
Excellent service and kit and delivered to my door in tassie in just 3 working days
Jason, Hobart - 17-Jul-2017

Rating: 5
Title Survival Explorer First Aid Kit
The kit is an ideal size for the car or backpack. Inside the kit is sectioned and labeled very well for easy location of contents making restocking very simple. Very happy with the Kit. Thanks
Casey , Queensland - 15-Jul-2017

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid Kit
Very well put together first Aid kit.
love it thank you
Anthony bryan, Coclebiddy WA - 06-Jul-2017

Rating: 5
Title This product is exactly as pictured.
This product is exactly as pictured.
Is it small enough to be discreetly stowed yet clearly marked as a first aid kit.
The sections are roomy and clearly labelled.
The bag is sturdy and the zippers hardy.
My favourite part is the empty section I can fill with additional medications allowing me to personalise the kit!
Isadora Esson, West End, QLD - 08-Jun-2017

Rating: 5
Title Explorer kit
Kit del very fast .well designed and easy to access with everything you need labeled
Russ coker, Sydney - 06-Jun-2017

Rating: 5
Very good company to deal with and the kit was well worth the price, shich was on special. They delivered the item very quickly. Most happy with this product.
Sharon, Springsure - 21-Apr-2017

Rating: 5
Title Essential
Im not the kind of guy who reviews product but its rare for me to be so happy with the service and of course the product. Its a must have thanks
Felipe Gonzalez , Sydney - 19-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid Kit
I ordered a first aid kit from here which was packaged well and delivered very quickly. The kit I ordered (SURVIVAL Explorer First Aid Kit) came with some extras and the contents of the kit are clearly labelled and were as described on the website.

Tom, Sydney - 04-Feb-2017

Rating: 5
Title Fantastic Kit
Currently doing the final planning for much of 2017 to be camping, kayaking and fishing my way along the Australia's east coast and inland ways from Brisbane right through to Portland in Victoria. So I needed to upgrade my very small and old 1st Aid kit into something that would offer an excellent 1st Aid kit for extended travel that could deal withan extensive range of in-situ 1st Aid needs while at the same time being compact,easy to use and readily transportable in the car and on the water. After much research I opted for this Explorer kit. I ordered it online and it arrived, well packaged, only a few days later. From what I can see from opening it up and exploring its contents, layout and guidance manuals I know this kit will handle the vast majority of any 1st Aid issues I may have on my travel. Thoroughly recommend this product to those seeking an exceptional quality 1st Aid kit when travelling and camping across this country.
Joh Annesley, Nundah, QLD - 15-Jan-2017

Rating: 5
Title Perfect
Great form factor, easy to find what you need quickly just a great kit
Leigh, Gippsland - 27-Nov-2016

Rating: 5
Title What a great kit!
This kit is awesome value for money. We have a few different kits but this one is a great arounder that lives in the car. It has everything you need, highly recommend this product.
Jacqueline, Pakenham - 07-Nov-2016
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