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Camping First Aid Bundle

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Our camping bundle has been put together to meet your safety needs whilst on your camping holiday.

What do you get?

The Explorer First Aid Kit is Australia’s ultimate adventure kit. It has all the same components as our vehicle first aid kit as well as the additional Bites & Stings Module which includes:

Bites & Stings Module KIT

  • 2 x 30ml Saline
  • 1 x Ice Pack, Instant. One use only.
  • 1 x Multi Tool (Torch / Whistle / Compass / Magnifying Glass)
  • 1 x Sewing Kit
  • 2 x SMART Bandages (heavy duty pressure bandage)
  • 1 x Tick Removal Spoon

The Compact First Aid Kit is the newest product in our Survival range. It contains enough of the basic first aid components to meet your needs. The Compact Kit is super light and small meaning you have no excuse to leave it behind when hiking up the mountain for a day trip or trekking through the sand dunes to the beach.

The First Aid Emergency Handbook gives you peace of mind of what to do during an emergency. Often when camping, there is no phone reception and access to first aid treatment may be 100s of Km’s away. Our handbook gives you a clear and concise step by step guide on how to respond to all the common accidents. You may be component at first aid, however what happens if you are the person injured. This handbook will be your best friend!

The Camping Bundle comes with 1 x First Aid Emergency Handbook, 1 x SMART Snake Bandage, 1 x Explorer First Aid Kit and 1 x Compact First Aid Kit.

Explorer First Aid Kit Components

The Rest of the KIT

  • 50 x Adhesive dressings, sterile, individually wrapped
  • 1 x Bandage shears, 19cm stainless steel
  • 6 x Cotton gauze swabs, (3 per pack), sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 1 x CPR Card
  • 1 x Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6cm in zip lock bag
  • 2 x Eye pads, sterile
  • 1 x Fever scan strip
  • 1 x First Aid Booklet
  • 5 x Hydro gel, sterile 3.5ml sachets
  • 1 x Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm wide roll
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves large (1 pair with CPR mask)
  • 3 x Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 5cm x 5cm
  • 1 x Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 7.5cm x 10cm
  • 1 x Pencil
  • 3 x Plastic bags (3 sizes)
  • 2 x Pressure bandage - 1 SMART Bandage, heavy duty, 10cm x 2m; 1 medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m
  • 1 x Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair gloves & skin cleaning wipe (in CPR KIT)
  • 6 x Safety pins
  • 4 x Saline, sterile 15ml
  • 4 x Skin cleaning wipes, with cetrimide (1 in CPR KIT)
  • 1 x Splinter probes, (5 per pack), sterile
  • 1 x Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm
  • 1 x Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel
  • 1 x Wound closures (3 per pack), sterile
  • 1 x Wound dressings, No 14 medium, sterile

Compact First Aid Kit Components

Compact KIT

  • 10 x Adhesive dressings, sterile, individually wrapped, (8 normal size, 2 large size)
  • 1 x Bandage sheers, 15cm stainless steel
  • 1 x CPR card
  • 1 x Conforming cotton bandage 7.5cm x 1.8m
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves (1 in CPR KIT)
  • 2 x Non adherent dressing, 5cm x 5cm
  • 1 x Resuscitation face mask, disposable
  • 2 x Safety pins
  • 3 x Skin cleaning wipes, with cetrimide
  • Small roll of tape x1
  • 1 x Splinter probes (5 per pack), sterile
  • 1 x Tweezers, plastic x1

Rating: 5
Title Excellent kit
Very compact well layed out with easy to read labels
Tristan , Darwin - 07-May-2018

Rating: 5
Title Camping first aid bundle
Great item this is my second kit
Mathew, Drumanure - 10-Feb-2018

Rating: 5
Title Great Kits
I have always liked the Survival Kits. This is my second as my first one kept getting borrowed and was mission to get back.

So in the end I told them to keep it and purchased another. The latest version has all the same quality trademarks of previous versions.

The kits are well organised and labelled, meaning everything is easy to find when needed.
Damian, Brisbane - 29-Apr-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great Value, High Quality Kits
After way too much internet research, I couldn't decide between the Handy kit or larger Explorer kit. So I got both :-) I purchased the Camping First Aid Kit bundle, which was nicely discounted from the individual items. It's a very impressive upgrade over other brand, older first aid kits I already had. Sturdy well marked bags, every thing unfolds out and is clearly labelled to use in an emergency.
The enclosed CPR kit is so compact, I just had to unpack it to check out the CPR face shield.
The First Aid Emergency Handbook unexpectedly came with a Heavy-duty magnetic strip and now lives centrally, in plain sight on the Fridge.
So I'm hugely impressed with the Kits and feel much more prepared for the inevitable grazes and scratches of a growing 4 year old. Hopefully I'll never need the more serious First Aid items, but I feel confident that anyone who can read could quickly locate the First Aid Booklet and items required.
Paul Tull, Sydney - 15-Apr-2017

Rating: 5
Title Comprenhensive First Aid Kit
I wanted a couple of first aid kits, one kit for the caravan and one for the car.
The bundle option fitted my requirements.
I received the goods in record time and was extremely pleased with the kits when they arrived.
My employee who is very much into survival and camping was most impressed when he saw my purchase, not to mention the price. He paid as much to construct a kit for himself, and still did not get a bag with labeling like the Survival kits.
The first aid handbook is a major bonus.
Will recommend these kits.
Very happy Customer

Todd O'Hara.
Todd O'Hara, Gold Coast - 09-Mar-2017
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