Schools and Government First Aid

As a leading first aid provider to the education and government sector, Survival understands how important it is for schools and government organisations to access quality first aid resources in a simple and cost-effective way.

That’s why we’ve created a special ordering process for schools and government departments to enable easy access to school and workplace compliant first aid kits, resources and accessories.

Our first aid kits tick off every item on your first aid checklist:

  • Nationally compliant with Safe Work Australia's Workplace Health and Safety Code of Practice.
  • Clearly labelled, colour-coded system enables quick and easy treatment of common school yard and workplace injuries.
  • Perfect for offsite excursions, outdoor play or playground antics.
  • Snake and Funnel-web spider bite management options available.
  • Easy display wall mount and rapid restock options.

School and Government Easy Ordering System

We make it easy for schools and government institutions to order first aid supplies without using a credit card.

Choose from two simple ways to order your quality first aid items:

1. MEMBER'S ACCOUNT (great for repeat purchases)

  • Submit an online application for a wholesale School or Government account here
  • Once approved (usually within 24 hours), you'll be able to login to your account anytime and view products, previous orders and access School and Government Wholesale Discounts. This assists you in knowing the prices to apply for your PO
  • Add to cart what product/s you require and proceed to checkout
  • Using your school Purchase Order No. we will invoice your Accounts Payable team to receive payment. We will send your order and apply the 30 day account terms.

2. GUEST (strictly for one off orders)

  • Simply email us a copy of your PO to [email protected]. We will create an invoice and email it to you for approval and then pack and send your order with 30 day terms applied to your order.

Special School Designs and Custom KITs

We also understand that first aid resources for schools and government departments might need a twist on traditional first aid. Ask us about specially designed first aid kits for schools or find out more about first aid kit customisation.