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Survival and SSSafe’s instruction card was created so that you never have to worry about how to respond to a Snake or Funnel-web Spider Bite.

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"If you or any of your group are unlucky enough to get bitten by any snake or spider then rapid first aid is required and you can be assured this kit has everything required to treat the bite."

Fishing World, Summer Special Edition 17/18

In this free instruction card, we'll show you:



The essential steps to respond to a funnel-web spider bite.


CPR instructions for adults, children and babies.


Use the incident report card to help hospital staff.


Methods to enhance survival in a funnel-web bite emergency.

Founded in response to personal tragedy, twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell have made it their mission to offer increased safety and security for every family.

30 years on, this iconic Australian brand is continuing its quest around the globe.

"The Snake Bite Kit is one of our newest and most innovative products and already its proving to support our aims of providing increased protection, safety and security to all corners of the earth." - Jerry Tyrrell


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"Outstanding Aussie product. Superbly designed and stocked by professionals. The go-to medical and first-aid kit for businesses and worksites of any size. Especially useful for those who are mobile, work remotely or even those working overseas. Highly recommended. I have two!"

Tony Ridley, Google Review

"Great product. Love the little rectangle/squares on the bandage. Even the kids now know what to do!"

Kelly Cooper, Craigieburn

"This snake bite kit is fantastic. Well set out,Thought out and quality is superb. Very fast service too. We hope it never has to be used but if it does the instructions are very clear.Thanks for a great product."

Carol, Google Review

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