Recently we were asked by Australian Survival Instructors to sit down and talk about how Survival Emergency Solutions came to be, the evolution of our First Aid KITs and the introduction of our new Snake Bite KIT. Today, Jerry and Tim had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin from A.S.I and Kerryn from Taipan Films. Here's what Kevin had to say to us after:

"It was a great morning, both Kerryn Williams (director) and I had quite a time, and felt quite honoured to meet founding owners Jerry & Tim. The reason I contacted you guys initially, was because ASI has been using your products for years and were always impressed with the products.

In the beginning of running A.S.I, we searched for the best wilderness First Aid kit the company could find, one that could withstand the riggers of getting bashed around, in rain, hail and sunshine, and withstand everything thrown at it. I should say 'them' because we now have multiple main kits, as well as a small kit each instructor carries at all times. When we purchased our first kit, many years ago, the colour coded compartments, with name descriptions sewn in, were the initial things that stood out as a market first for us, it really did make it so much easier to find what was needed when doing First Aid out in the bush. And again, just the other week, when I received the new to the market snake bite kit, I was blown away at not just the quality of items, but the amount of necessary items included, which are normally not part of snake-bite 'kit' produced elsewhere. The fact is, no other Australian owned and made product comes close.

It was a pleasure to meet all the crew, and I definitely look forward to future collaborations with Survival Emergency Solutions."

Thanks Kevin! It was a pleasure sitting down with you as well. Thanks for putting up with Jerry and Tim's antics! We can't wait to see the video.

Jordan and the SURVIVAL Team