Survival Emergency Solutions has been one of the leading innovators in first aid emergency solutions in Australia for 30 years. Due to our esteemed reputation for developing the best emergency aid solutions, we were asked to give feedback for a new article about workplace safety for tradies.

We are glad to have the opportunity to share our perspective on such a complex and multifaceted topic. Most workplace safety guidelines focus on prevention. Unfortunately, from our own personal experience, we know that catastrophes are not always prevented. The prevalence of workplace injuries can obviously be reduced by taking the right precautions. However, some accidents are inevitable.

As we stressed in the article: “The best work safety gear for tradies”, if an employee is injured at work, they will need immediate assistance. You may not have time to wait for an emergency response team to arrive if they are bleeding profusely, have broken any bones, or have suffered from another serious injury. You need to administer first aid to keep the injury from worsening before they receive professional assistance.

The Workplace Safety Bundle offers the most responsive first aid solution for every workplace in Australia by combining a comprehensive Workplace First Aid KIT with a Survival Safety Centre, featuring the highest quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to provide the ultimate in workplace health and safety protection. Upgrade to a Workplace Safety PLUS Bundle and also receive an easy-display wall bracket and award-winning First Aid Emergency Handbook. We also shared some advice to help prevent an accident from occurring in the first place. Our best tips for staying safe on the job are:

Make sure your first aid training is up to date. Train with an accredited organisation and keep your skills and knowledge fresh. Get to know the contents of your workplace first aid kit before an emergency happens. This will help you be calmer and more efficient in an emergency situation. Tired people can make bad decisions. Get enough sleep so you keep your wits about you at work. Use high-quality PPE and watch out for your mates.

Monitor your mental health—in our opinion this is the most important element to staying safe on the job. Check in with yourself and those around you regularly to maintain a happy, healthy and safe workplace for everyone.

Our feedback on understanding the importance of first aid is something that cannot be overlooked. Hopefully, a workplace emergency will never happen, but being prepared could save a life if it does.