Survival Emergency Solutions has been built on the premise of empowering, educating and providing access to the best first aid tools and resources so that every person around the globe has the ability to protect themselves and the ones they love.

A critical factor in its success over the past 30 years, Survival has made the ‘Principle of Giving’ a core component of its philosophy and lived up to this through its actions.

The Giving Principle

This explains why Survival has given away more than 50,000 first aid kits during the past three decades and offers a free downloadable version of its award-winning First Aid Emergency Handbook available on its website.

Survival has also developed a free version of its revolutionary iFirstAid app available for both iphone and Android to prepare you for any emergency and protect you in every corner of the globe.

iFirstAid - First Aid on Your Mobile
FREE First Aid Emergency eBook

A Global Community

Along the way, Survival has developed a community of global ambassadors – everyday people helping to achieve Survival’s global mission and spread the messages of safety, security and protection around the world.

Survival Ambassador Tyron
Survival Ambassador Joel

Snake bite safety in India

With 50,000 reported deaths from snake bite across India every year, Survival’s General Manager Mike Tyrrell and brother-in-law, AJ Taylor, recently packed 500 of Survival’s SMART Snake Bandages and several first aid kits, and headed to a remote village 350 kilometres northeast of Mumbai, to work together with local medical practitioners in an attempt to stop countless preventable deaths.

Working with local authorities and medical experts, this visit involved education to around 100 snake bite victims, local village representatives, doctors and medical practitioners on the safe and effective application of the SMART bandage, while distributing free SMART Bandages both at the session and via local medical practitioners to offer added future protection for as many local people as possible.

Bangalore Orphanage Visits

Survival’s Ambassador on the ground in India, Vicky Kanna, has been visiting local orphanages to provide first aid kit donations, as well as offer advice and access to first aid information for orphanage staff. These images speak 1000 words!

Vicky's Orhphanage Visit
Vicky donates First Aid KIT to Indian Orphanages

Mums and Bubs Safety Sessions

Closer to home, Survival sponsored a safety education and awareness session for local Mums and Bubs group, Mums That Circuit, earlier this year. Free Handy First Aid KITs were distributed to every participant. Survival has continued to work with this group to jointly-fund group shirts, so that money raised from every shirt purchased can be donated to Coast Shelter.

Mums and Bubs CPR Day

Help Survival by doing what you love

From jumping out of planes to driving ‘round the outback, surfing in Sweden to going on safari in the Serengeti, we’re asking to you to spread the message of Survival by doing what you love on your next adventure and helping us continue the Principle of Giving around the globe.

Become a Survival Global Ambassador

We’d love you to join our community of global ambassadors.

If you’re planning an adventure, taking a holiday or visiting an area where access to improved first aid would be a benefit – we’d love to hear from you.

If you have an innovative idea, can help promote Survival’s message or just want to be a part of this global initiative, please get in touch.

If you’re interested in becoming a Survival Global Ambassador and helping us achieve our mission of creating a safer and more inhabitable world for us all, contact us at [email protected]


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