This year, we’re celebrating 30 years of Survival Emergency Solutions.

Sparked by personal tragedy, over the past three decades we have embarked on a quest to deliver safety and empowerment to every individual around the globe, creating and providing innovative first aid solutions to people everywhere.

In realising this vision, we reflect on the Survival journey so far and look ahead to the latest in first aid innovations as we continue our mission to create a safer world for us all.

In the beginning

Survival was founded by twin brothers, Jerry and Tim Tyrrell, following the devastating death of their one-month-old niece three decades ago. This event set them on a mission in the hope that no person should ever feel powerless and helpless in the face of life’s inevitable crises.

Although aware that some situations are unpreventable, Jerry and Tim also know there are many times when being prepared can help save a life.

They wanted to make something good come from such inconceivable loss and the best way they could think to do that was to develop first aid solutions to help every individual be more in control in emergency situations – through education, awareness and having the right tools at their fingertips.

Survival - 30 Years Ago

Changing the first aid landscape

Starting with the development of the Survival board game, aimed at engaging families around first aid concepts, and the revolutionary Emergency First Aid Handbook, Jerry and Tim collaborated with leading first aid trainers to provide concise, user-friendly instructions to offer step-by-step assistance for all kinds of emergencies – from the everyday to the life-threatening.

The Handbook went on to win the coveted Australian Design Award and is, after selling close to two million copies, in its fifth edition and still being produced for first aid trainers, school and TAFE students.

The launch of their progressive iFirstAid app, with features including Find My Family, means that every individual can feel safe and connected to their loved ones no matter where they may be.

Survival - The Board Game

Family first aid

A family-run business based on the scenic NSW Central Coast, the next generation of the Survival family is looking to continue its mission for the next 30 years and beyond.

Tim’s son, Mike, has now taken over leadership of the business – and together with his best mate Jordan – is looking to continue the legacy of his Dad and Uncle.

With a new website and online innovations designed to offer a premium customer experience, Survival’s range of first aid kits and accessories continues to evolve to offer the most advanced resources to people across Australia and beyond.

Survival - All Grown Up

What’s next?

Survival continues to push the boundaries of innovation to create pioneering first aid products that offer safety, security and peace of mind to people everywhere.

Introducing its new-look first aid kits designed to provide even better access to first aid resources and personalisation of the first aid experience, Survival continues to deliver on its promise to take first aid tools, resources and education to all corners of the earth.

The Survival Range


Thank you to all of our customers and supporters for being a part of the Survival story over the past 30 years. We hope you’ll all continue on this journey with us because we truly believe, the best is yet to come.

Michael Tyrrell and Jordan Green


Team Survival.