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SMART Snake Bandage

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The innovative Smart Bandage uses a clever pictogram to show users how to achieve the correct tension which is essential when applying a pressure immobilisation bandage, especially for snake bites.

Volume Discount

Facebook Smart Bandage Promotion - 18 January 2017

Our buy 3, get a 4th free offer from facebook has finished due to low stock. Any orders placed from 18th from January onwards will not receive a 4th bandage free. We look forward to bringing this promotion back in the near future.

Snakes and spiders are such a common occurrence in Australia that one would think they become just another part of life. However for some people, no matter how much exposure they have to snakes and spiders, they’ll forever remain frightened. Whilst snakes and spiders may install fear in some, we believe that an actual bite is truly terrifying.

Knowing how to react and apply correct first aid immediately can be the difference between life and death. In a stressful situation you never want to have any doubt about how to respond to a life threatening event. Survival Emergency Solutions have teamed up with SSSafe to create the most versatile snake bandage that the market has even seen. This is a huge innovation. We aim to ensure even the layman is prepared for an emergency!

What is the SMART bandage?

The SMART snake bandage makes sense. It uses a clever pictogram to show users how to achieve optimal tension. It starts off as a rectangle and when you have reached the optimal tension, the pictogram will show a square.

The graphics on the bandage help keep you calm during an emergency as it shows when optimal tension is reached.

Watch how it works

Please Note: This video is an introduction to the SMART Snake Bandage to show how the printed pictogram helps the user to achieve optimal tension. This demonstration is not an accurate representation on how to treat a snake bite. We recommend everyone receives training on how to properly treat a snake bite, or contact Craig Adams from SSSafe.

Other uses?

The SMART snake bandage also doubles as a compression bandage in your first aid kit for major wounds, sprains and strains. We recommend always having two with you so you can apply above and below the bite or wound.

What does the creator think about this?

Craig Adams from SSSAFE is one of Australia’s leading snake experts. He states that “in snake bite emergencies, you need to act decisively, know what to do and have the best bandage at hand.”

The fine details

The SMART snake bandage is made out of a blend of woven cotton fabric, with non fraying edges. It is extremely durable and can be washed after use. The bandage is 2m by 10cm and weighs about 50grams.

We seriously don’t go on an adventure without one of these. When you buy our HANDY, VEHICLE, or HOME / WORKPLACE kit, you will get a SMART bandage included inside your kit.

If you have a higher risk of exposure to spiders and snakes, we recommend purchasing the EXPLORER kit or 4WD Bundle as you get an extra SMART bandage included with those bundles.

Rating: 5
Title Snake!!!!!!!!
Arrived just in time....though thankfully not required today. A brown snake was sighted slithering across our verandah this pm. Adults, children, dogs and a cat were in the space at the time and luckily we avoided any interaction. Unfortunate to not catch this unfriendly visitor but will be pleased to know we have 4 of these terrific bandages in various locations on the property. There will be no error should we have an altercation with a snake or a nasty funnelweb and be assured of the correct tension bandaging a limb. Great idea!
Deborah, Taree, NSW - 25-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title brilliant
brilliant product for peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens and snake bites then the right pressure can be applied with this so clever bandage.
kerry towers, bondi beach - 25-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title Smart Snake Bandage
Excellent idea with the squares on the bandage to aid correct tension when applying this bandage. When you are under the stress of an emergency situation the guess work is taken out of the equation enabling the first aider to have confidence in their application of bandaging. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Such a simple idea.
Elaine Robjohns, SA - 21-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title Smart bandage
As I haven't done a first aid course yet.......I wondered how tight you should apply a pressure bandage? This bandage tells you when it is done the right way. The printed rectangles turn to squares. Couldn't be simpler. Brilliant!
Michele Herbert, Queanbeyan NSW - 21-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title Smart snake bandage
I purchased 5 of these bandages, one for each of my children and their family. The bandage is easy to use, the markers make the application at the correct tension foolproof and they are reusable. A must for every first aid kit!
Robyn, Bathurst - 19-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title Smart snake bandage
My son bought a smart snake bandage and I was so impressed with it bought three. One for each of our vehicles and another for our household first aid kit. We hope never to have to use it, but as we do a lot of outdoor activities, we think it a wise investment.
Dianne B, Conjola NSW - 15-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title Smart Snake Bandage
This is an excellent idea for making sure that a bandage is applied correctly. We walk regularly on the Bibbulmun Track in the Spring just as the tiger snakes are on the move. In one two week period, we sighted 35 snakes. This product helps to provide some peace of mind
Byron Pershouse, Bundaberg - 12-Mar-2017

Rating: 5
Title Smart Snake Bandage
A great idea to take some of the guess work out in a stressful situation. Bandage is wide and also long enough (2m) to to cover the entire limb..Some peace of mind
fred bell, Victoria - 10-Feb-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake bite bandage
We will soon be heading off on our trip around Australia in our bus. We have 5 kids, aged 6 - 13. We have an extensive first aid kit and the only thing lacking was a suitable application for dealing with a possible snake bite. I think this bandage will proof to be an invaluable addition to our first aid kit and provide a great sense of relief knowing we have it available.
Keith Moody, Victoria - 23-Jan-2017

Rating: 5
Title SMART Snake Bandage
A great idea for making sure that a bandage is applied at the correct tension in the case of a snake bite. I am a leader with Girl Guides and Scouts and will make sure to always carry mine with me when out of doors.
Helen, Perth - 20-Jan-2017

Rating: 5
Title Great service
I've just received my package, I ordered 3 snake bandages and received 4, and a mini first-aid kit, which was a great surprise. I hope I never need to use one, but have seen 3 different types of snakes on my residential property and numerous funnel-webs. My spare goes to my sister who walks her dog each day near the bush. Thanks so much, I'm sharing on Facebook.
Robyn Workman, Springfield NSW - 07-Jan-2017

Rating: 5
Title Snake Bite Bandage
Good Turnaround time from ordering and Bandage looks first class and is ideal for someone looking to identify tension required when applied
Janice Peake, Wagga Wagga - 30-Dec-2016

Rating: 5
Title Smart Snake Bandage
Ordered two of these bandages and received a handy first aid kit with the order. Not easy to get this sort of service in this day and age. Thankyou.
Peter Rob, Waikiki, WA - 22-Dec-2016

Rating: 5
Title A big thank you
A big thank you for your quick service. I bought 2 snake bandages and a big thank you for the gift. I put a link on our Gold detecting forum. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t24541-snake-bandage and many members also bought snake bandages also. so if you have been busy its all my fault. regards Johnny
Johnny Hoeboer, Vic - 21-Dec-2016

Rating: 5
Title Gotta have these in the kit!
I live in a rural area with lots of brown snakes. Have bought 3 of these for at home and also ordered some for the local fire brigade truck. I recently completed a first aid/CPR course where we were shown these bandages and in a critical situation, they'd be the ones I'd want. Great company to deal with also!
Sharon Hoffer, Bellbrook, NSW - 17-Dec-2016

Rating: 5
Title What a smart idea
I've always been concerned about the amount of tension to put on a bandage incase of snake bite. This takes out the guesswork. Order 3 and got the 4th free, so have one for each of my kits.
Carl, Wodonga - 15-Dec-2016

Rating: 5
Title Smart Snake Bandage is a winner
I watched the video on facebook, and was confident the product would be awesome - it is! A really robust, good quality bandage that takes all the guesswork out of helping someone that has been bitten by a snake or for general sprains. Thank you for producing a brilliant bandage. We have one in each car and one in the house!
Kaz Reiman, Encounter Bay - 05-Dec-2016

Rating: 5
Title SMART Snake Bandage
What an AWESOME product.
As well as being of superior quality to many other bandages on the market, this one takes all the guess work and worry about ensuring you're applying the correct amount of tension for maximum effectiveness.
My dog and I run most days but unfortunately at this time of year we encounter snakes on a regular basis, so the SMART bandage is now an essential part of my running kit.
I highly recommend this product.
Venessa Bowman, Toodyay, WA - 15-Nov-2016

Rating: 5
Title Seriously simple
Our smart bandages arrived today and we are absolutely stoked to see how easy they are to use. Such a clever idea
Dave T, Cairns - 11-Apr-2016

Rating: 5
Title Very Easy To Use
The pictogram aids in achieving correct tension for a snake bite which is extremely helpful
Annette, Bundaberg - 08-Apr-2016
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